Geomatic Solutions

Geomatic Solutions are a team of seasoned international experts in the field of Geodesy and geomatic engineering. For over 20 years this team of scientists and software developers have been providing high-end technology services to blue chip companies in the Oil & Gas sector. The company's consulting activities are based in Houston, TX while the bulk of it's software development is undertaken at their headquarters in north-east England.

In 2010 GES Solutions was commissioned to expand the company's existing capabilities in software development and bring to market several web based products aimed at the navigation and positioning community. As part of this engagement GES Solutions developed the GeoRepository product which included a cloud platform consisting of a web based data management application and web services for centralized access to geomatic parameters.

As a result of this partnership Vladimir was chosen as a member of a three person team tasked with developing a database of EPSG usage area polygons for inclusion in the EPSG database managed by the OGP (Oil & Gas Producers Association).

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