Fun Messages is an Australian company which provided entertainment messaging products during the PSMS boom. The company's founders are marketing experts from several different industries. They experienced immense success and extreme growth over a short period of several months. Consequently, FunMessages expanded their operation to conquer markets across the globe and their annual marketing budget quickly exceeded tens of millions of dollars.

With millions of users world-wide and a business model heavily reliant on advertising FunMessages found themselves in need of a robust, highly performant, low-latency cloud based messaging platform based on the SMPP protocol (a protocol used by GSM operators). Reliance on TV advertising and the global nature of their business also meant that FunMessages needed the next-gen enterprise system which could track their advertising spend across different networks in different time zones and correlate it with their live messaging data to produce an accurate and reliable success metric.

GES Solutions was lucky to win the contract to develop these two systems. As a small company we were able to divert all efforts and guarantee delivery faster than anyone else. We achieved this by consolidating the capabilities of both companies by utilizing FunMessages own developers who proved to be instrumental in the timely completion of this contract.

By providing a precise success metric to their advertising buyers FunMessages were able to optimize their ROI beyond all expectations. They were able to book ads intelligently rather than rely on the TV Network's crude market segmentation models which are simplistically based on age and gender. The advertising console developed by GES Solutions made waves throughout the advertising world and has since been recreated in many shapes and forms.