Arbor Education Partners

Arbor Education began trading n 2011 as a funded startup with a 2 year mission to implement the next generation management information system for schools. Based in central London the company attracts a team of top software professionals from a variety of industries.

GES Solutions won an engagement to provide consulting services and ongoing support to the core development team. As the principal consultant on this project Vladimir was tasked with advising the development director on system architecture, development practices and staffing. After completion of this contract we were awarded a further 2 year contract to provide ongoing software development services and assist in bringing the project to market.

In 2013 Arbor Education Partners are a recognized leader in innovation and excellence in the education sector. New schools are switching to Arbor MIS on a daily basis and the company is being commissioned to solve data management problems for some of the world’s largest education operators. As a result of this success the Arbor project has become a core part of what we do and our relationship with Arbor Education has developed into a strategic partnership.

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