About US

GES solutions was founded in 2004 by Vladimir Cvejanovic as a platform for providing consulting services in the field of Systems Engineering and Software Development.


Vladimir Cvejanovic is the principal consultant at GES Solutions. Vladimir graduated in 2001 with an honours degree in Computing Science from the prestigious School of Computing Science at the Univesity of Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK. From 2001 and 2004 Vladimir worked as a Software Engineer and Senior Software Engineer making scientific applications for blue chip clients in the Oil & Gas sector. In 2004 Vladimir became an independent consultant initially providing services to past employers.

Recognising the growing demand for his skill-set Vladimir founded GES Solutions and started consulting on projects related to System Architecture, OO Design and data management.

Today Vladimir is a recognized expert within the fields of systems engineering and enterprise architecture. Vladimir sits on several boards and is often invited to fulfill advisory roles within his area of expertise.

Software Development Services

Most software projects will at some stage need to scale up their engineering efforts for a limited period of time. Attracting high quality software engineers is not an easy task and hiring experts on short-term contracts can quickly blow the budget of even well funded startups.

In 2008 GES solutions opened a small engineering office in Belgrade, Serbia. Drawing from a pool of the very best local experts we were able to offer an effective outsourcing service which doesn't strain our client's development budget.

Belgrade is situated in the central European time zone making it the same time as western Europe and only 1h ahead of the UK. The cost of developing software in Serbia is roughly 60% of the cost of development in the UK or USA.