Harnessing the Cloud

Our solutions are designed for cloud computing. They make use of both scaling and parallelization features afforded by cloud platforms to deliver high availability and an unmatched user experience.

GES in Education

Scientific Applications

GES was commissioned to work on the new version of the EPSG database which now includes usage area polygonas for all geodetic datasets. We provide cutting-edge spatial data management services. More

What is the "Cloud"?

The cloud is a secure computing environment managed by experts at a purpose built data centre. Computing resources in the cloud can be scaled up or down to meet the needs of any system without interrupting the service. Simply put, the cloud is a place you never have to worry about security and you never run out of space or time.

As your data grows exponentially the cloud simply carries on. Information doesn't need to be deleted to make room for new information and things that take time to process can be seamlessly parallelized or farmed out to more computers.

We deliver systems designed to work on Amazon's EC2 cloud computing platform.

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